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Our History

The Children’s House is the first Montessori School in Bahrain, established in 1997. We are a MEAB accredited Montessori school and a member of MSA - The Montessori Schools Association United Kingdom. As a leading private Montessori school, The Children’s House's exceptional approach motivates children to acquire intellectual, personal and social skills. The Children’s House education develops a confident, competent and compassionate learner for life. 

At the core of the Montessori Method is the belief that all teaching, to be truly effective, must be child-centered.  At The Children’s House, we follow this principle at all times. Our school is nonselective and children are taught as individuals, encouraged to strengthen their weaker points and to excel in their stronger areas.


The Children's House offers Montessori Education for children aged 3 years to 6 years.

Montessori One (Nursery) 3 years -  4 years

Montessori Two (KG1 / Reception) 4 years -  5 years

Montessori Three (KG2/ Year One) 5 years - 6 years


The Children's House is a unique feature of the "prepared environment" that every object in the classroom has a specific place and purpose. The classroom is a child-sized world, with chairs, tables, and shelves, in the appropriate size.

Our classrooms are large, bright and beautifully arranged, designed for the child's comfort, security, and enjoyment. The activities are arranged on low shelving units within reach of even the smallest child. Children may work, uninterrupted, for long periods of time at tables or on small mats on the hardwood floor where they are naturally comfortable.


The pace is unhurried and although the curriculum is structured, each child moves through it at his or her pace. The children are free to choose activities which capture their interest, and new activities are introduced as each child is ready for them.


There is also group time with stories, music with movements,  songs, and finger-plays. The children are encouraged to start expressing themselves during this time. 


The special qualities of the teachers and the unique classroom environment combine to allow the maximum opportunity for intellectual growth at the same time promoting emotional and social development and self-control, thus enabling the child to reach their full potential.

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