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Principal's Welcome

"Our methods take into consideration the spontaneous
mental development of children, and assist it with
means derived from observation and experience"

Maria Montessori - The Discovery of the Child

Dear Parents,



I am the director, MCI Montessori trainer, as well as a Montessori teacher of The Children’s House Montessori Kindergarten. 

The Children’s House has been caring for children in our community for 20 years now. I joined the school 5 years ago in my quest to achieve my dream of having my own school to create the perfect learning environment for young children, the perfect environment for a teaching staff to fulfill their goals, a little bubble if you will, encasing a world of goodness and harmony for children, teachers, and parents to enjoy! During these five years, together (teachers, parents, and children) we have achieved many great successes. We have improved significantly the school environment in terms of teaching and learning, school premises, and recently we have received MEAB accreditation, which was a great honour to all of us. 


I truly believe that each child born is a small miracle, bringing the most unique combination of talents and abilities, and energy that will forever change our world, and all who will come into contact with this child, and eventually this adult! That is why our task in bringing up these children and teaching these children is so monumental. And more important than any other time in this child’s life is the first six years. A child learns more in the first six years than he will ever learn in six years for the rest of his life. Recent brain research actually provides us with a scientific fact of how a child is able to consume so much knowledge in these years. Information is passed through the brain by a process called a nerve “synapse” which allows the brain to assimilate the information. Up until about six years old, the nerve endings in the brain are not yet crystallized, allowing an easy transfer of information from one part of the brain to another through the nerve synapse.


In the first six years of life, a child learns his language (or sometimes several languages), learns how to communicate feelings and ideas, learns about his culture, about animals, plants, trees, growing cycles, seasons, weather, families strangers, living and non-living things, what can be eaten, how to use all his physical abilities in walking, running, crawling, etc. He becomes independent, makes his own friends with peers, begins to develop a moral awareness of good and bad and the consequences of a bad decision. He learns about his environment, his society, family holidays and traditions, math concepts, science concepts, expresses himself through artistic endeavors with pictures and drawings and paintings. And this is really just the tip of the iceberg in the amount of knowledge a child assimilates in this most important introduction to his life.


My mission statement for The Children's House Montessori Kindergarten is as follows:

"Children are our most precious gifts in life! Our objective at The Children's House is to make the child first schooling experience a positive one by providing a nurturing and supportive environment in which a child can grow and develop socially, academically, cognitively and emotionally." 



Ms. Kim Ferreira

 M.Ed, MCI Montessori trainer, Montessori Teacher

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