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Reading books aloud at home with your child/ children

Spending quality time at home reading books out loud to your child/ children is a very important aspect for a daily routine for the child. Reading books with the children not only helps broaden the horizon and imagination of the child but is also significant for their learning development in language and literacy. By picking up storybooks or educational books that are age-appropriate for the child, parents, older siblings or grandparents expose them to vocabulary and ideas that they themselves could not yet read on their own. This is a well-ordered concept that can be very beneficial to families with children of varying ages. Therefore, by picking up a book that is fun and engaging and reading the book aloud will allow the child/ children to create a story in their mind with their own characters and theme of the story as well as decrease the use of smart devices to watch cartoons and play online games.

The benefits of reading aloud include: 1) Stimulation of imagination of the child/ children

2) Expands the vocabulary

3) Develops analytical and logical thinking

4) Strengthens the bond between parent/ grandparent and child

5) Gives children a love of books

6) Strengthens a child love of reading on their own

7) Increases attention span

As Maria Montessori once said “if writing serves to correct, or rather, to direct and perfect the mechanism of speech in the child, reading assists in the development of ideas and language. In brief, writing helps a child physiologically and reading helps them socially.”



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