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Winter Season and Christmas Celebration

As the winter holidays approach, it is the perfect opportunity to teach the children about the winter season in the country they are living in. Going on a walk outside in the cold weather and exploring the natural environment if it is snowing is a wonderful experience for the child/ children to observe the snowflakes falling on the ground or on the trees. It also gives a chance for the parents to have some fun outdoors with the child and spend some family quality time together by going ice skating, making snowmen, making snow angels on the floor, playing snowball fights etc. If it is not snowing in the country you live in, reading a good book about the winter season and Christmas is another way for the child’s imagination to expand.

In the Montessori setting, the knowledge and understanding of the world area of learning allow the child to explore and learn about the winter season, the coldest continent on our planet, Antarctica and about the Christmas celebration. The children also learn about what we should be wearing to keep warm in the winter, the different fun activities you can do during the winter, what happens to trees in the winter, the types of animals that hibernate during the winter etc.

There are a variety of activities that can be done in the Montessori classroom and also at home to celebrate the coming of winter and Christmas such as decorating Christmas trees, making snowflakes, Christmas stockings, making snowmen, bells etc. Singing Christmas carols is also an enjoyable activity that the children love to do during the month of December.

“Free the child’s potential and your will transform him/ her into the world.” - Maria Montessori -



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