Mission Statement​

We aim to provide a safe, secure and happy environment. In this environment your child can be guided through the Montessori education system by qualified Montessori staff with a full understanding of the Montessori Method. We will help your child to find their own potential and independence and whilst on this journey of self-discovery, aid them in becoming a balanced, well-mannered and confident individual.

The Aims of The Children's House - Montessori Kindergarten Bahrain

•To provide a safe, secure and happy environment for your child.

• To lead your child to the joy of learning and self-discovery.

• To observe your child as an individual and to help them to find their own potential.

• To provide a wide and varied day, incorporating a full learning programme.

• To allow freedom of movement during the learning activities and to provide physical exercise indoors and outdoors.

• To encourage creativity in art, craft, and musical expression.

• To encourage self-discipline, caring for others and social interaction.

• To promote independence and care of the immediate environment.

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