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Parents' Testimonials

"Parent's positive engagement has been always an integral part of children's house Montessori school Bahrain, no matter their social or education levels, their ethnic origins, their religions ... The children's house Montessori school Bahrain is always concerned for the health and safety of all children in the care without any discrimination. The safety of children is the top priority of the children's house Montessori school as it is outlined by the Ministry of education. I offer my sincere gratitude for the dedication and caring of the teachers, assistants, administrators at the children's house Montessori school Bahrain"

- Sonia -

We have sent our two daughters to The Children's House for the past three years and are so sad to leave this special community as we depart Bahrain this summer. The school is true to the Montessori Method, treating each child as a unique and capable individual. We have been so proud to observe our daughters' amazing progress at the school, taking leaps and bounds in reading vocabulary, math life skills, care for their envirnment, and empathy towards others.  Most importantly, we have been so pleased to watch how the school has fostered our girls' love of learning, which we are confident they will carry for their lifetimes. Consistent with the philosophy of Maria Montessori, The Children's House belives in each child and grants him or her the freedom to progress at the child's own pace, providing tailored instruction for each individual while simultaneously fostering a sense of community.  The school goes the extra mile in ensuring high quality of teachers, cutting edge learning materials, musical edcucation, physical education, arts and crafts, cooking and practical life skills, andc a cozy environment.  Our children are th=rilled to go to shcool every day and we feel confident that they are flourishing in a safe and nurturing place. The parent community at The Children's House is also very special. Our children benefit from this unique multicultural community, in which parents come together several times a year to organize special events for the school and teach our young about our respective cultures, cuisines, and traditions. We sincerely thank The Children's House for helping provide our girls with the best possible foundation we could have asked for in their young lives.

- Maria and Beth's Parents -

We are very lucky to have put both boys under your care. There is so much warmth and patience here. Our boys need it so much.

The most important thing is that they are happy here. It is so amazing how much they have learned since they joined The Children's House Montessori School. We appreciate very much your dedication to the individual development of every child. It is so important, especially for our eldest who is a very unique and special child. We doubt if he would be able to learn more or feel better in any other place. His supportive, caring teachers are always a great help for us. We hope that today we are together building the best foundation for our son's achievements in the future.

Our younger son joined the Montessori when he was very young, so we were a bit afraid to see how he would deal with the change. Your wonderful help makes his transition very smooth and he loves attending school.

- Dr. and Mrs. Wojciech -

Thanks a lot to The Children's House family. Our son has improved a lot since he joined your school in January 2015. He is a very happy boy in here and likes to come to school every day.
We are sad that he will leave the school next year to join the big school. His younger brother will be joining The Children's House once he is old enough.
We wish that the school could expand to higher age groups so that our children could spend more years in the nurturing and caring environment of The Children's House!

-Mr. and Mrs. Alashoor -

My daughter has flourished at The Children's House Montessori. The Montessori Method of teaching gives her the tools to understand words, number, and the basics.  However, beyond the basics, she has been exposed to subjects well in advance of her age.

Astronomy, the Earth, the body and its parts, insects and more.  The hour of Arabic each day has, in less than one year, piqued her language abilities.  She now recognizes Arabic on signs around the country.  She also loves gym day and her instructor, Couch Amr. Together she and I review what the class teacher has taught each day.  The admin staff, friendly and professional, greets the kids as if they had their own classroom, starting each child's day with recognition of their name and something special about them.  Even the teachers form the other classrooms are helpful with my dauighter. They act like a team of educators and not individuals!

I am looking forward to seeing what my daughter will accomplish next year

- Fergus McNab -

Recommendation Letter 1

Dear Montessori team,

At the onset, please accept our sincere appreciation of all the wonderful faculty, curriculum, concept, and teachers at Montessori.a

Being a first-time parent, we did have our fair share of anxiety in choosing a school for our 2.5-year-old toddler.  But when we came to the school, all the anxieties vanished with the caring and supportive attitude of the staff.

‘Montessori way’ is an excellent concept to let the child be whatever he/she is.  It retains the individuality and inculcates a sense of independence rather than pushing agendas and burdening the young minds.

It was a great pleasure to have our son gain confidence, achieve a sense of individualism and independence plus it added greatly to his creativity as well.

I wish you all the best in the future.

We are proud that our son was part of the institution which has now built a strong foundation.


Sachin Dutta – Shurya’s parents


Recommendation Letter 2

The Children’s House, the first time I got to know about this school, I liked the name, I found it ‘homey’. I then read about the school’s history, method, and then I came for a visit with baby Rayane.  We loved it!  We loved the welcome from Miss Kim and Miss Terri, a wonderful admin team ♥. Rayane got excited and me too about the lovely school. 

Every day since January 2014, Rayane is progressing and making an improvement in his language skills, learning, all kinds of activities; music, drawing, painting. I am so proud of him and of course proud of his teachers and all of The Children’s House staff.   Next year for sure Rayane will be joining the school to continue his learning process and his sister Selma will certainly join the group when she is old enough.

Thank you, Kim, Terri for the excellent management of this school.  Thank you to the teachers, for your valuable effort and patience with the little ones.  You are building their future.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you

Sonia ♥


Recommendation Letter 3 

Thank you so much.  I’m so happy with Joori’s progress, her skills have improved a large extent.

Appreciate all of your efforts.

Thank you,



Recommendation Letter 4

This is a really good school. My child is really enjoying whatever he is doing in his class.  We are happy with his progress, this is his first year but he learned lots of thing in this school.  All the staff is very friendly and caring.  We appreciate all the hard work that you do for my child.

Urvashi Patel


Recommendation Letter 5

Thank you for helping out daughter’s progress.  We are especially happy that she is learning Arabic.

Nichole and Cel Perone


Recommendation letter 6

I have to say I am very happy and satisfied with Taj’s experience here at The Children’s House, as well as my own experience here. From Kim’s warm welcome to enroll my son mid-April, to Ms. Jennifer, Ms. Zahra, Ms. Reham and Ms. Ashooka’s dedication, kindness, and care, all the way to the extracurricular activities. When I tell my not-even-2-year-old son that we are going to school he flashes his biggest smile. Thank you for all his teachers and for Kim for her professionalism, care, honesty, and comfort. Thank you for her effort to assist, nurture, support, bring knowledge and joy to our kids.

Warm wishes to all, Rana Alamuddin


Recommendation letter 7

Rayane or “Rayoni” as everybody used to call him in The Children’s House is happy to go every day to school. Sometimes he is asking why we don’t go to school when it’s night. This is to show how happy and comfortable he is in this beautiful, cozy and educational environment.

Since January 2015, Selma, the small sister joined the Sunshine class in The Children’s House. She is so curious and she has found herself in school. She loves painting, singing “Old McDonald Had A Farm”, “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”. She loves Ms. Ashooka and Ms. Jennifer and says “hugs, hugs”. I am so glad to see my two little ones happy and progressing, improving their skills: speech, expression, learning so many things in little time.

Special thank you for all the staff for their patience and love that they give to our precious children.

I have recommended The Children’s House to many of my friends and continue doing so because it is the place where every child can find himself and learn with a very efficient method, the Montessori method.

Thank you very much!

Sonia Hachemi


Recommendation letter 8

We have appreciated the way the school staff is always accessible and goes the extra mile in planning extra activities for our daughter, Maria. She loves coach Amr, music classes with Ms. Natalia and Family Fun Day in March. We applaud the school’s application of the Montessori method and treatment of each child as an individual. Maria has been happy at school and it has been a big part of her pleasant adjustment to Bahrain. We look forward to enrolling her again next year and to also enrolling her younger sister in the future.

Going forward, we would like to see more consistency and less turnover in the staff. The children need stability and love their routines.


Dara and Christiaan


Recommendation letter 9

To all staff in The Children’s House, we want to tell you that we are very grateful for the school. Our daughters had a precious time. We will miss all of you. We are always greeted with a kind welcome. Thank you for all your professionalism when you are teaching them. Definitely, all the passion shows in our children.

Special thanks to Ms. Zahra, her love to teach is reflected even at home with my girls.

I want to mention especially the principal, Kim Ferreira, who is involved with everybody. I saw she is spending so much time in the classrooms working with the kids. Her professionalism is admirable. We’ll miss you a lot! And of course, we are coming to visit all of you. Thank you for the first and the best year in Bahrain.

Sincerely, Esmeralda Leyva & Diego Camacho


Recommendation letter 10

This school has been extremely beneficial for my child’s development. The combination of the method, the teachers and the environment has resulted in a very positive development for my two kids. That’s why we always recommend this school to our friends. Even the P.E. teacher, I love how enthusiastic he is and all the effort he does when he gives his classes, which makes the kids more confident. Thanks a lot.

Leon and Regina’s parents


Recommendation letter 11

Dear Children’s House,

It was really a wonderful year to see Ariff progressing in his education and personal development.

Thank you for the opportunity given to Ariff by accepting him two years back.

The opportunity given has been used wisely and we as “family” have proof that kids from any nationalities can perform to learn any language when they start at an early stage.

In memories forever.


Shahril Amran Mustaffa


Recommendation letter 12

I am pleasantly surprised by how much my daughter Fatima has learned during her attendance at The Children’s House. The teachers are so educated, calm and sweet, it makes dropping my child to school comforting. I’m very happy with all the staff, the environment and the activities provided here.

Good job, keep it up.



Recommendation letter 13

I must say that my daughter Karmel has really improved since she joined The Children’s House in January 2015. She progressed a lot both on academic and personal levels. She has learned lots of skills. She is so happy and confident at school. I think this is so important to feel that she is cheerful from day one. Thanks a million for all the wonderful staff; Ms. Kim, Ms. Mirka, Ms. Jennifer, Ms. Reham, they are so cooperative, sincere, caring and very humane. All the best for the school. I as a mother feel so comfortable when Karmel is here, it’s better than anywhere else. The school is safe, fun and gives lots of new information for kids. Love you all and I appreciate every single moment Karmel has spent here.

Mahar Shehabi, Karmel’s mother

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